Relaxation Massage

Your muscles will be stimulated through light to vigorous manipulation. This type of massage improves circulation, promotes relaxation, reduces stress and conditions muscles and soft tissue.

30 minute $50 Couples 30 minute $100
50 minute $80 Couples 50 minute $160
80 minute $130 Couples 80 minute $260

Therapeutic Sports Massage

This massage is best for giving attention to “trouble spots” and muscle systems affected by injury. It involves slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues under your skin. Therapeutic massage can also be used to promote flexibility and help prevent injuries, as well as aiding in healing after a sports injury.

30 minute $60 Couples 30 minute $120
50 minute $90 Couples 50 minute $180
80 minute $140 Couples 80 minute $280

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is especially crafted for pregnant women. Massage can be an excellent therapy for those struggling with common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as swelling, headaches, back aches, stiff joints, insomnia, depression or anxiety. Soft cushions are used to support and accommodate the body in order to ensure that you are extremely comfortable and relaxed in this fantastic massage.

30 minute $55
50 minute $85

Massage Medley

A customized massage just for you, your Massage Therapist will create a sequence for you combining the techniques that will soothe your body most. Any of the following techniques may be used by your Massage Therapist - Dry Brushing, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, and Reflexology. Your Massage Medley can be scheduled for 50 minutes $85

50 minute $90 Couples 50 minute $180
80 minute session $140 Couples 80 minute $280

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Experience the ultimate in relaxation. Begin your experience with a dry brushing treatment, which stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage. Then, feel your tension and stress melt away as heated, smooth, polished basalt lava stones are used by your massage therapist an extension of the hands to soothe main tension areas; these heated stones add a deeper dimension to your already amazing massage experience.

50 minute $110 Couples 50 minute $220
80 minute $150 Couples 80 minute $300
Add Vichy Shower + $35

Anti-Stress Treatment

One of our most popular treatments, this combination body treatment/massage relieves the tension and stress in your neck, shoulders, and back. We start off with a relief gel to detoxify the tissues. Next, a warm algae pack is applied to the upper back. This helps to increase circulation and relax muscle tension. The pack is then sealed with a warm paraffin pack. While this sets, your hands and feet will be massaged. The pack is then taken off with warm towels from our steam cabinets. This treatment is concluded with a light massage on the back. Add a half hour massage for the maximum results.

30 minute treatment $65 Couples 30 minute $130
50 minute treatment $95 Couples 50 minute $190
80 minute treatment $145 Couples 80 minute $290

Massage Accompaniments

Available with any Body Treatment or Massage.

Hot Stone Foot Massage $25
Hot Stone Neck & Shoulder Massage $25
Scalp Tension Relief $25
Sole Soother $25

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