Passport to Relaxation

Passport to Relaxation

Indulge yourself or your loved ones with this ultimate of sensations sensory spa excursion. Your spa journey will send your body, mind and spirit around the world while you experience ancient formulas and exotic treatments from afar. This 5 Hours of Spa Bliss is sure to indulge, rejuvenate, relax and restore that special someone.

Begin your excursion with a visit to France with our exclusive
Body Renaissance – a 2 hour vacation that will revitalize you. Start with our Anti-Stress Treatment – featuring our enriched seaweed based products harvested off the coast of Brittney, France. The seaweed pack lifts the adema out of the muscles while you indulge in the essences and aromas from around the world with 80 minutes of Aromatherapy Massage. Finish by traveling to Vichy, France which is known for their world-renowned water therapies.
The Vichy Shower will rejuvenate you from head to toe during our Aromatherapy Body Scrub.

Restore your skin back to a rejuvenating glow with the Jewel of the Nile Stone Facial. This wondrous facial has an Egyptian flair inspired with Ayurvedic balanced wisdom.

Bring yourself back to center as you experience our new Lifestyle Pedicure. Continue the spa journey through the Keys of Revitalization. Unlock your potential for bliss with the unique fragrances and “Spa Notes” that will lead you further down the path of balance, wellness and awareness to unlock the authentic and unique you.

Scents of Morocco will delight your hands with the Moroccan Citrus Glow Manicure and melt away the damage from daily overuse of your hands.

Finally we will jet you back to New York for a high fashion Styled to Perfection Hair Style and make you runway ready with a Hollywood Lights Make-up Touch-up, the perfect finish for a night on the town or a quiet evening in.

This 5 Hour Passport to Relaxation Includes:

Body Renaissance
Jewel of the Nile Stone Facial
Lifestyle Pedicure
Moroccan Citrus Glow Manicure
New York Styled to Perfection Hair Style
Hollywood Lights Make-up Touch-up $550

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